Blackboard Ultra: Grading Assignments


How to Grade Assignments


Assignments allow you to collect, grade, or return student submissions. This option can be utilized for paper submissions or any type of file upload.

1. Click Gradebook from the navigation bar.
2. Select the assignment to grade.
    The submissions page opens.
3. Select a student’s name to begin grading.
    The student’s submission will open underneath the original assignment.
4. Click the options menu within the student’s submission to download the file locally, if applicable.
5. Click the "+" icon to enter feedback or upload a file to be sent to the student. Click Save.
6. Enter a point value in the box provided in the upper right corner.

IDDC Pro Tip: Grades will be visible only to you until you post them to the gradebook. You can post grades individually as you grade each student’s work or you can post all grades at once.

7. To post a grade immediately, click the options menu and select Post.
    Optionally, click the purple "X" to return to the submissions page to post individual grades or all grades.
8. Use the right and left pointing arrows to navigate through the student submissions.

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