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I am a student in a course which requires Adobe Creative Cloud access. How do I access Creative Cloud on my personal computer?


YSU is providing subscription access to Adobe Creative Cloud suite for students who are enrolled in the following courses. If you are not enrolled in any of these courses you will not have access on your personal device.

Note: ALL Students will still have access to Adobe Creative Cloud on all YSU owned Lab Computers where the software is installed. 

***NEW for Fall 2021 Semester and Future Semesters***: The login process has changed and has now been included into the YSU SSO. This means you will be able to use your YSU Penguin Portal Username and Password to login to Adobe and not the personal account as in previous semesters. 

Course List for Spring 2023

Art Courses

Art     2661           20047     Print 1
Art     2661           25196     Print 1
Art     3703C        20049     GID JPR
Art     3579           23154     Interactive Design
Art     3760           23155     Typography 1
Art     3760           25197     Typography 1
Art     3762           20057     Typography 2
Art     4802           24948     Senior Project
Art     4884           20068     Packaging Design
Art     4867           22304     GD Internship
Art     2764           22021     Intro to Photography
Art     2691           22837     Intro to Digital Media
Art     4893           25202     Advanced Digital Media
Art     4802           24950     Senior Project
Art     4802           24951     Senior Project
Art     4800E         22148     Studio Problems
Art     2626           21800     Intro to Printmaking: Lithography and Screen printing‚Äč
Art     4824-01      21798     Printmaking Studio

Honors College Courses

Honr    2601E    23357     Magazine Editing and Production
Honr    3799C   23458      Independent Study 
Mgnt     3720     23800     Intro to Adobe Creative Suite
ENGR     4888     21152    Plant Design 2
ENGR     5845     22506     Corrosion Engineering
ENGR     4880     22396     Chemical Reactor Design 1
ENGR     4882     21927     Process Dynamics
ENGR     6981     24887     Adv Chemical Reaction Engineering 
ENGR     5805     24886     Prin Biomedical Engineering
CSIS     1570     22881     Web Systems and Technologies
CSIS     3774     20861     Multimedia Technology
English     4889     22098     PPW Senior Project
English     6944     24784     Document Design & Production
CJCS     3740L    40799     Computer Applications for Textiles and Apparel Lab

Instructions for Student Access
  1. Students who are in the above courses will receive the following email from If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check that it wasn't marked as spam or junk and automatically moved to one of those folders. If for some reason you did not get this email, please inform  your instructor and enter a Service Request with the YSU Service Desk. YSU ITS will work with you and your professor to resolve the access issue. 

  2. Click the Get Started link from the email or go to and click the Login Button at the top right of the screen. 
  3. Your web browser will open to the Adobe Login page and auto fill in your email, skip to step 5.
    If for some reason it does not fill in your email, goto step 4
  4. Enter your YSU Penguin Portal email in the blank and click Continue

  5. At the Select an Account screen, choose Company or School Account. 

  6. If you have already authenticated in your browser using your YSU Penguin Username and Password in another tab or window, you will automatically be logged in using Single Sign On (SSO). If you are not currently logged in to a YSU service that uses the YSU Penguin Username and Password, a screen will come up to enter this information and login.
  7. You will now be at your Adobe account profile page. From here you can download the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and manage your online storage. All student accounts for YSU courses receive 20 GB of storage for saving projects. 



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