How to Access the Microsoft Azure Education Portal


What is Microsoft Azure for education and how do I access it?


Microsoft Azure for Education is an area inside of the Microsoft Azure Portal. It encompasses Microsoft Learn, Azure for Students, Education Hub among other sites.

Azure for Students provides access to all Azure products expressly intended to support education or teaching, non-commercial research, or efforts to design, develop, test, and demonstrate software applications for the above purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: The software offerings are controlled by Microsoft and application availability may change without notice. YSU IT will try to keep all available applications accessible that are provided through our YSU Microsoft Contract. Also note that all applications may not be available for every Operating System (example: Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio installed applications are not available on MacOS as Microsoft has never offered a version that will install on this operating system.)

In order to sign up for Azure for Students, you must meet the following eligibility:

  1. You must affirm that you are age 18 or older and attend an accredited, degree-granting two-year or four-year educational institution.
  2. You must verify your academic status through your organization’s email address.
  3. The Azure for Students offer is limited to one per eligible student, is non-transferable, and cannot be combined with any other offers unless otherwise permitted by Microsoft.
  4. Also note: Azure for Students has a limited supply of activations and the offer is available only while supplies last. Each region has a limited number of Azure for Students offers available, and your geographic location may run out of supplies while the offer is still available in other regions.

Assuming you meet the previous qualifications, the following steps walk through the application process:
Microsoft provides a video which walks through this process: Video Setup Walkthrough

  1. Goto the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and click on Activate Azure for Students under the Student Section. 
  2. Click on the green Start Free button. You can also read through the FAQ to find answers to common questions. 
  3. Enter your YSU email address in the sign in blank and click Next.
  4. Choose Work or School Account on the next prompt. 
  5. Login to YSU with your YSU Penguin Portal username and password.
  6. Fill out the About You section of the form with your information. 
  7. In the Identity Verification by Phone section, enter your phone number and choose a verification option. A code will be sent via text or phone call. Enter this code in the verification code blank and click Verify Code button. 
  8. It is highly suggested you read through the subscription agreement, offer details and privacy statement prior to checking the agree box and clicking Sign Up. 
  9. This process may take a few minutes to complete; be patient as the screen may appear to be frozen or not responding. Do not refresh your screen while this activation process is completing. 
  10. Once completed, you will be signed into the Azure for Students Hub. For the software offerings, click on Software under Learning Resources
  11. A large list of software available for download is listed. You can search by name and sort using columns to find what you are looking for in the offerings. Software like Microsoft Project Professional 2019 for Windows and Microsoft Visio Professional 2019 for Windows are available to download with a license key. 
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