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I Want to Host an Engaging Live Lecture

course. Live lectures do require additional planning and considerations to ensure an engaging and meaningful environment. YSU supports both WebEx (PDF Tutorial; Web Tutorial) and Blackboard Collaborate

I Want to Observe Students Demonstrating Skills

to view and evaluate at your own pace. Allowing filmed assessments gives you flexibility when it comes to observing and grading.  Students can benefit from using video for this type of assessment

Technology Training: Penguin Training Catalog

support teaching and learning. Audience: Faculty, Staff Providing Instruction Blackboard Ultra Gradebook Overview The Blackboard Ultra Course Gradebook session will focus on setting up and

Webex Classroom: Present Using the Instructor Station PC

. Sign into the Lectern PC using your YSU username and password. Open desired media to display content (Blackboard, PowerPoint, YouTube*, etc.). *Select optimize for audio and video when

Webex Classroom: Webex Classroom Technology User Guide

via HDMI Cable Wireless Screen Sharing (for guests presenters without Webex or YSU wi-fi connection) Connect from the Webex Education Connector in Blackboard Use the Touch Screen Monitor to

Register to Attend a Workshop

Event Scheduling Faculty Load & Compensation - SIAASGN General Navigation Banner Self-Service Employee Profile Finance Blackboard Ultra Classroom

I Want my Students to Know How to Reach Me

and Blackboard Collaborate, if face-to-face announcements and meetings become unavailable.  Check out this tip sheet (ACUE, 2020) on how to set expectations with students for your presence

Accessibility: Obtain Digital Accessibility Information and Assistance

all information provided though the University’s website, the University’s online learning or e-learning environment and its course management systems, for instance Blackboard technology, accessible

Bookings: Setting up & Using Microsoft Bookings

bookings You may create a link directly to your booking "service" to put on your website, Blackboard site, or in an e-mail.  To do this, go to your Bookings Page, and under Services select the service you want to link to, and copy the link.  You can then paste this link as necessary.

How to Succeed in an Online Teaching Environment

blackboard ... Question How do I succeed in an online teaching environment? Answer Succeeding in an Online Environment To best serve our students, it is important to set realistic expectations to allow

Zoom: Downloading Recordings from the Cloud

recordings to your Blackboard courses.  When you download the files from Zoom, you will download two files.  One will be an mp4 (video file) and the other will be a text transcript of the recording

Adobe Software: Fixing Adobe Apps showing 7 Day Trial

Creative Cloud Apps and website.  Log out of all YSU webpages and Blackboard.  Open Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer or go to in a web browser.  At the login screen

Computer: Student Computer Recommendations

Question What computers are recommended for students to purchase? Answer Configuration depends on intended use. For basic word processing, Blackboard, internet use and email, a minimum

Discover Alternatives to Printing and Copying

.   Alternatives to Printing/Copying Publisher content shared through companies like Pearson and McGraw-Hill can be distributed via Blackboard or file sharing services like OneDrive. Most of the

Webex: Share Recordings

, document, Blackboard, etc.).   Users can also download the recording(s) and upload each recording to a video platform. Youngstown State University's Microsoft license includes access to