Webex Meetings: Breakout Sessions


How do I set up Webex Meetings Breakout Sessions?


Webex Meetings Breakout Sessions

This Article disuses the steps necessary to create and join breakout sessions in Webex Meetings.  Breakout Sessions allow you to create smaller groups for discussions or activities during your virtual class sessions or meetings.  

Enable Breakout Sessions
Create and Start Breakout Sessions
Join a Breakout Session

Enable and Create Breakout Sessions

Hosts or Co-hosts can create the breakout sessions, assign participants and start the sessions.  The maximum number of breakout sessions that you can create is 100.

Enable Breakout Sessions

You will need to enable Breakout Sessions for each meeting.

  1. Click Breakout in the tool bar at the top of the meeting window.

  2. Click Enable Breakout Session.
    1. You can also enable Breakout sessions as you schedule your meeting at ysu.webex.com. 
      1. Under Advanced Options>Scheduling, check the box next to Enable Breakout Sessions.

Create and Start Meeting Breakout Sessions

  1. Click the Breakout Sessions Button at the bottom of your meeting window to the right of the record button.

  2. Select the number of desired breakout sessions.
  3. Determine if attendees should be assigned manually or automatically.
    1. Manually: You assign the attendees to the breakout sessions.
    2. Automatically: Webex will split attendees into the breakout sessions.

  4. Move your cursor over the Breakout Session in the right column and decide to rename, delete or assign attendees.
  5. Check the box next the name of an attendee.
  6. Click Move to Session and select the Breakout Session.
  7. Click the settings gear to adjust the settings for the Breakout Sessions.
    1. Check the box to Allow Attendees to Return to the Main Meeting. This will allow them to return to the main meeting at any time.
    2. Check the box if you want to Allow Attendees to Join Breakout Sessions Later.  This will allow attendees to join a breakout session on their own.  They will receive an invitation.
    3. Check Automatically Close Breakout Sessions After a certain amount of time.
      1. Enter the duration of the Breakout Sessions.
    4. Check the box next to Show Countdown Warning Before Closing the Breakout Session to give attendees time to wrap up the session.
      1. Enter the countdown time.
  8. Click Start Breakout Session.


Join a Session

​​​As the Host or Co-Host, you can join any breakout session at any time.

  1. Open the participant panel.
  2. Click the Breakout Sessions Tab
  3. Click Join next to the Breakout Session.
  4. Click Leave Session when ready.



The following features aren’t currently supported while participating in a breakout session (will be addressed in a following release):

  • Raise hand, People Insights profile, and the notes taker role
  • Recording breakout sessions
  • High frame rate content sharing ("Optimize for motion and video")
  • Sharing web browser
  • Sharing multimedia
  • Whiteboard
  • Remote control
  • Live streaming
  • Polling
  • Saving chat
  • Users who join from the Webex Meeting web app can’t share content

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