Technology in YSU Classrooms


What technology can I expect to find in a YSU Classrooms?

Technology  Image Video Learn More
Touch Panels (used to activate equipment in the classroom)      
  • Airtame Auditorium
    • Power up by pressing On.
    • Audio controls
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  • Airtame 
    • Power up by pressing On
    • PC display or  use Airtame to display wirelessly
Extron panel Watch Airtame Overview Read More
  • Airtame Touch
    • Power up by pressing On.
    • Choose and control input devices (document camera)
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Touch Overview
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Touch Screen Monitor & Personal Computer

  • Device is powered on and off by one of the touch panels shown above or Webex Touch panel below
  • Sign in with your YSU Username and Password
  • Select PC on the touch panel to present direct to the projector - OR -
  • Select Wireless or Stream to use Airtame to connect to the projector (laptops). 
  • Airtame Rooms: Follow instructions on the screen to connect using Airtame. 
  • Webex Rooms: Connect using the Webex Touch Panel (see below).