Webex: Host a Webex Meeting in a Webex-Equipped Room


How do I host a Webex meeting in a Webex-equipped room?


Classrooms of the Future, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams enables YSU faculty and staff to continue providing students with high impact learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. Webex provides opportunities to connect with researchers and subject matter experts across the world, attend demonstrations or take virtual field trips, and collaborate on group projects in a safe and secure environment from any type of device. 

Our Classrooms of the Future were provided by the generous $1.1 million-dollar donation from Dr. Chander Kohli, prominent local neurosurgeon and former chair of the YSU Board of Trustees, and his wife Karen in memory of their late son Aneal Mohan Kohli.  Dr. Kohli stated, “The Classroom of the Future is here today, and I am proud to be a part of it.”


Hosting or Joining a Meeting in the Classroom of the Future/Webex

  1. Log in to ysu.webex.com on a device.
  2. Click the ellipses (...) of More Ways To Join and locate your meeting room number and host pin or, 
  3. Schedule a Meeting.  You will be provided the meeting room number and host pin in an email.
  4.  Press Join Webex on the touch panel in the room.

  5. Enter the 9 digit meeting room number.
  6. Press the green join button at the top of the touch panel screen.

  7. Press Yes If you are the host and enter your host pin followed by the #.


  8. Press the icons at the bottom of the button or upper right corner to share content, record the session, lock the meeting or view participants.


Share Content

  1. Press the Share Icon on the touch panel.
  2. Select Preview.
  3. Once someone joins the meeting click Share in Call.

Alternative to the Touch Panel

Connecting to the room by calling it allows for you to share content from your device, monitor participants and chat features.

  1. Start the Webex Meeting on your laptop/computer.
  2. Click the (...) ellipses next to the red X for more options.
  3. Select Connect to a Device.
  4. Enter or Search for the Room.  IE (MESH 401)
  5. Press "Duplicate Video in Meeting Window",
  6. Begin meeting.



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