Blackboard: Student Profile


What is Blackboard's Student Profile?


Blackboard's Student Profile is student data including your name, YSU student email address, YSU student ID number, and an optional nickname. Students can also find preferred language, privacy, and notification setting controls.



Student Profile

To find the student profile:

1. Sign into Blackboard. For additional assistance signing into Blackboard, refer to Accessing Blackboard.

2. Click the student's name located on the window’s left side panel.

image of YSU's Blackboard institutional homepage


Update the language, privacy, and notification settings in the System Settings section to preferred options. Notifications settings can help students stay informed on new course content such as upcoming deadlines and due dates, posted grades, classmate responses, and more!

Image of Blackboard's Student Profile page


Connect the YSU Student OneDrive to Blackboard for a seamless way to upload coursework from any computer anywhere in the Cloud Storage Account section.

To connect YSU Student OneDrive:

1. Navigate to the Student Profile. For additional assistance navigating to the Student profile, refer to Student Profile.

2. Click Connect OneDrive.

image of the Cloud Storage section in the Student profile

3. On the Microsoft Sign-in window, type in the correct YSU student email address.  A Penguin Portal Sign In window will appear.

Image of login information for username.

4.Type in the correct YSU Penguin Portal username & password & click Sign In.

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