I Want to Observe Students Demonstrating Skills


How do I observe students demonstrating skills?


Technology, specifically video-conferencing tools, allows you to observe students in real time or through a recorded session. You can utilize these platforms to view students demonstrating skills, ask questions, and evaluate their performance. Alternatively, require students to record themselves demonstrating skills for you to view and evaluate at your own pace. Allowing filmed assessments gives you flexibility when it comes to observing and grading. 

Students can benefit from using video for this type of assessment. They can see their mistakes during playback, correct their mistakes with multiple takes, and increase their confidence through self-reflection. Students using video for assessments can evaluate themselves, promoting self-directed learning. 

It is recommended to first survey your students to ensure they have the proper technology and equipment for this type of activity. If technology gaps exist, consider redesigning your assessment item so students can still achieve the same outcome.

Please see the Creative Course Delivery website to learn more.

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