I Want My Course to Encourage Learning


How do I encourage learning?


In a Spring 2020 survey of YSU students (n=1,268), 50% of students said the amount of time they spent preparing for their courses increased, while only 27.2% of students said they learned what they expected from their courses. It is critical to design courses in a way that encourages learning. To encourage learning within your course, consider implementing a Backward Design Model. This model starts with the end outcome in mind. What do you want students to achieve or learn by the end of your course? Once you have identified the desired results, you can build learning experiences, instruction, and resources to align with those results. With this model, your focus is on the "learner" rather than the "teacher" and ensures instruction has a purpose. Check out the sections below for guidelines on the three steps of the Backward Design process:

  1. Identify Learning Outcomes
  2. Determine Assessment Items
  3. Plan Instruction

For a more in-depth look into backward course design, visit Vanderbilt’s Center for Teaching page on this model.

Please see the Creative Course Delivery website to learn more.

If you have any other questions please book a consult with an ACT Team Member here.

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