YSU Login ID: Change Current Password


All YSU students, faculty, and staff are required to change their YSU Login ID passwords every 180 days (~6 months) to ensure continued access into their accounts. Beginning a week prior to the password expiration date, all users will receive a daily notification email from YSU as a reminder to change their passwords. If the password has already expired, please refer to how to recover an expired/forgotten password here.


Please use the link below to change your current YSU Login ID password:

 Change YSU Login ID Password


Additional Assistance:

  • Refer to the Related Articles section on this page for step-by-step instructions on how to change the password for a YSU Login ID.
  • Contact the Tech Desk by clicking the "Request Service" button on this page.  If possible, provide any error message(s) received that is preventing you from changing your password.
  • Contact the Tech Desk by telephone at 330-941-1595.