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Activate an existing network port – typically used for move of office equipment/personnel

Request a new network port –typically used for move of equipment/personnel to new area-chargeable item.

Use this service to request an AT&T coupon code for guests that need access to the internet from a personal device while on campus.

Request a Non-Patron (Guest) Login ID

Report an issue with Office 365 Email & Calendar and/or Outlook Email

Get assistance activating a new YSU Penguin Portal account here.

Assistance changing a non-expired YSU Penguin Portal account password.

Reset an expired/forgotten YSU Penguin Portal account password here.

Request Software Installation

Report an Issue/Problem with your voicemail

Voicemail Service Requests

Report an issue with YMES (YSU Mass Email System)

Remote Support from IT Staff through Bomgar.

Report an Issue/Problem in our Banner System, 3rd Party Software integrated with Banner and custom applications

This is a request to purchase a new computer.