OneDrive: Information and Frequently Asked Questions

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  What information and frequently asked questions do we know about OneDrive?



  • Sign-in to to your Office 365 email account.
  • Click applications on the upper left corner in Office 365.


  • Web interface
  • Sync app for Windows and Mac computers
  • Tight integration with SharePoint and Teams
  • Securely stores files and information
  • Flexible access from anywhere
  • Mobile app
  • 1 TB of storage

Best Uses

  • File storage
  • File sharing
  • Collaborative editing of Microsoft Office documents


  •  Current students, faculty, and staff. 

How To Request

  •  No request needed. All students, faculty, and staff currently have OneDrive accounts. If you need assistance migrating to OneDrive, please contact the Service Desk at (330) 941-1595 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a file size limit?

  • OneDrive File Size Limit is 15Gb

Will I be losing storage space by switching from Y-Drive to OneDrive?

  • No, Y-Drive currently has a limit of 60Gb per user while OneDrive will provide each user with 1000Gb (1TB).

Will I still only be able to access OneDrive from On-Campus?

  • No, OneDrive will allow you to access your files and collaborate from anywhere.

How do I share files in One Drive?

Can I control permissions on a file that I share from OneDrive?

  • Yes, you can restrict edit permissions (Read-only), limit access to specific individuals, and set a timeout period in which the link to the document is valid (ex. Shared link is good for 7-days).
  • More information on OneDrive Sharing

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