Vidcast: Importing Videos to Your Library


I have a video file that I created in another platform. How can I upload videos to my Vidcast library?


You can upload videos to your Vidcast library that you did not record on Vidcast or Webex. This is especially helpful if you created videos in another program such as Camtasia or even a mobile device. 

To upload videos to your Vidcast library, please take the following steps:

1. Login to Vidcast.

2. Once you login to Vidcast, click the upload icon at the top right. When the menu appears, click on Upload Video. 

Click the upload icon at the top right, and then select upload video.

3. On the next menu that appears, you can either drag and drop video files to upload or click Find files on my computer to open your system's file browser to select the video(s). You can drag and drop or select one or more video files to bring into your Vidcast Library.

Please note: The supported file types are .mp4, .mkv, .wmv, .webm, and .mov. The maximum allowed file size per file is 2GB.

Add new file selection

The upload and processing will now begin. You can safely click the Done button at anytime to return to the Vidcast dashboard. The system will process your video(s) and they will become available in your library shortly.

Adding Files Screen

To find and access your library, including the newly uploaded video(s), click the Library button on the left side menu.

You can now manage your video(s) just like any other video in your library. This includes editing the video, changing the title and description, and getting the video transcript!

If you have any questions, please contact IT Training services at

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