Microsoft Teams: Moving files or folders to another Team or channel


How can I move files or folders from one Teams channel to another?


Moving files and folders to another Channel in Teams is possible. This is especially useful if you need to, for example, move confidential data to a channel that only certain Team members have access to. Additionally, you can move files to another a channel in another Team that you have access to if needed. 

Here is an example below:

1. Navigate to the Teams channel containing the folder(s) or file(s) you wish to move.
Image showing navigation to a Team Channel and selecting the files tab to browse for data.

2. Next, hover your mouse over a file or folder. Click in the circle that appears to the left of the item to move. You may select multiple. 

Image showing file or folder selection

3. Next, browse for the team and subsequent channel you would like to place the data. If moving to the same Team, different channel, choose the Team accordingly. If you do not see the Team or channel on the left side, select More places at the bottom and browse accordingly.
Image showing browsing for a Team or location to move data.

4. Once you find the Team location, click the In Channels menu at the top to choose the channel in which you want to place the data.

Image showing channel selection

Click Move here when you are ready to move the item(s).

           Image showing the process of moving files to another channel.

5. After starting the move process, allow for the process to complete before browsing elsewhere or closing Teams. It is important to see this confirmation message for the item(s) in which you moved. Browsing elsewhere or closing Teams may cause the move to fail.

Image showing move process

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