Microsoft Ink in PowerPoint


How do I annotate using Microsoft Ink in PowerPoint?


You can annotate in PowerPoint while in edit mode or presentation mode. This article will cover both modes.

Using ink in Edit Mode

1. Click or tap the Draw tab on the PowerPoint menu.
PowerPoint Ribbon showing the Draw Tab.

           Note: If the Draw tab is not showing, take the following steps: 

                         1. Click File>Options
                         2. Click Customize the ribbon on the left
                         3. Under Main Tabs on the right, make sure the box next to Draw is checked.
                         4. Click OK.

2. Click or tap the drawing tool you wish to use.

The most frequently used tools are: pen, highlighter, and eraser.

Each tool has customizations options. Example: Select the pen and click the drop-down carrot. You can customize the opacity, thickness, and color as shown below.

Draw Tool Customization Options: Opacity, Thickness, and Colors.

3. You can now begin writing, drawing, or highlighting on your slides. If you wish to erase any ink, click the Draw tab and select the eraser.

To return to normal mouse pointer mode, click the Draw tab and select the mouse pointer. 

Using Ink in Presentation Mode

When in presentation mode, select the pen icon at the bottom left on the presenter screen. Choose from the laser pointer, pen, or highlighter. On this screen, you can also select a color for your annotations.
Image showing annotation tool selection in presentation mode.

To erase, click or tap the pen icon, select the eraser, and select what you would like to erase. You can also clear all ink on the slide.

Image showing erase options in presentation mode.

When you exit presentation mode, you will be prompted to save or discard any remaining ink that was added to the slides.

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