Banner Self Service: Change Security Question


How can faculty change a security question if the answer is unknown?


Banner Self Service allows faculty to change the security question associated with the user account.

To change the security question:

1. Sign into the Penguin Portal using the correct YSU credentials. For further assistance signing into the Penguin Portal, refer to Log into Your Penguin Portal Account.

2. Click Banner Self Service located in the “e-Services Faculty & Staff” section.

YSU Penguin Portal Homepage. Banner Self Service is highlighted.

3. Click Personal Information.

4. Click Change Security Question.

5. Enter the PIN.

6. Type in the desired Security question.

7. Enter the correct answer to the Security Question.

Image of YSU's website page to change Security Question and Answer in Banner Self Service

8. Click Submit.

**The PIN must be provided to change the Security Question & Answer. To reset the PIN and Security Question, please contact the YSU Service Desk.

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