Blackboard Ultra: Creating Learning Modules


How to Create Learning Modules 


You can use learning modules in your course as containers for your content. Modules let students access all material without extra clicks, new windows, or other distractions. Use learning modules to support a course objective, concept, chapter, week, etc.

1. Log in to Blackboard and access your course.
2. Click the plus sign where you want to add the module and select Create.
3. Under Course Content Items, choose Learning module.
4. Enter a name for the learning module.

IDDC Pro Tip: Title and segment your modules according to your course content and timeline.
For example, "Week 1 Materials". This enhances clarity within your course by assembling course
elements in an easy-to-locate and understandable manner.

5. Adjust the visibility and availability settings by selecting the drop-down menu.
6. Optionally, enter a module description, turn on forced sequence, or add a module image.

7. Click Save.


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