Data Management: How to Back Up Data from a YSU computer to a (Y:) Drive


How do I back up my locally stored personal data on a YSU computer to my network shared (Y:) Drive ? 


This guide will walk you through how to back up your personal locally stored data on a YSU computer to your (Y:) Network Shared drive on a Windows 10 device. 

Please Note: This process may take several hours to complete depending on how much data you have saved locally on your machine. We recommend being connected via ethernet throughout this process to ensure a fast/stable connection.

This guide also requires having your (Y:) Drive mapped to your PC. If your (Y:) drive is not currently mapped, please view the following article before continuing: How to Map Your (Y:) Drive on a PC 

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How to Back Up Your Personal Data (User Profile) 


 Windows 10

Step 1: Copy the User Profile 

  1. Select the File Explorer icon located in your taskbar along the bottom of your screen.

  2. This will open your File Explorer window. Select This PC from the left side.
    Then double-click your hard drive titled:
    Local Disk ( C: ).

  3. Double-click the Users folder to open this folder. 

  4. Locate the folder with your username, right-click that folder, then select Copy from the menu. 


Step 2: Paste User Profile to Shared Drive

  1. You will now repeat the same step from Step 1 above to access the File Explorer window again. 
  2. Select the File Explorer icon located on your taskbar along the bottom of your screen.

  3. From the File Explorer window, select This PC on the left side.
  4. Double-click the network drive with your username (Y: ) (This drive is commonly referred to as your Y drive or tank drive). 
  5. Right-click a blank space in the network share drive folder and select Paste.

  6. Your local user folder should begin copying/backing up to your network share drive folder. 
    Depending on how many files you have this may take a while.

If you are unable to successfully copy data from your PC to your (Y:) drive, please record the error message you receive and submit a help request. Or, contact the IT Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or

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