How to View Your Service Tickets


How do I view my service tickets?


Every service request or incident (tickets) where you are the requestor is available for viewing within the Technology Support Portal.  A requestor is the recipient of a service.

1. Click Sign In located in the upper right corner of the Technology Support Portal homepage.  Technology Support Portal homepage

2. Enter your YSU username and password.

3. On the Technology Support Portal home page there is a widget that contains links to Incidents, Requests and Projects. In that widget, click See your active Incidents and Requests to view your list.

4. Tickets will display as shown below. Tickets with an "open" status appear by default.

5.  Use search options to find a specific ticket. Type text or select data from a list of values in the fields described.

  • Search - Text in the subject or description of the ticket
  • Status Class - New, In Process, On Hold (open tickets);  Completed or Cancelled (closed tickets); Click one or multiple statuses from the drop-down list.
  • Reviewer - Individual or group who will first view your entry
  • Due Date - From/To range of when the ticket was due. This is searchable only when the due date is specified within a ticket. An unspecified date will not return a result.
  • ID - Ticket number
  • Acct/Dept - Account or department name of the requestor. Begin typing or use the field search tool to choose from the list of values.    
  • Services - Type of service requested in each ticket. Begin typing or use the field search tool to choose from a list of values.
  • Created - From/To range of when the ticket was entered

6.  Click the Search button to view the results. You may also scroll through the list to view all titles.

7.  Click a title to view the details of a ticket.

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