Bookings: Displaying a logo on your Booking Page


How can I place a logo on my Booking page?


Some departments may have a logo or emblem they wish to display on their Booking page. To upload a logo to your Booking page, please take the following steps:

1. Select the Booking page in which you want to upload a logo from the dashboard. In this example, I will use Mr. Melnik's Advising Appointments.

2. Next, from the Booking page control screen, select Business Information on the left side menu.
Image showing Business Information menu

3. At the center of the Business Information screen, you will notice the Business Logo section. Click Add logo.

Logo menu

4. Browse your computer for the logo. After selecting the logo, click the Open button.

Logo selection

5. The logo will now appear in Business logo section. Click Save changes. 
Save your logo

6. After saving your changes, click the blue Save button at the top. 

Note: Return to this screen to change or delete the logo from your Booking page.

Companion Video:

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