Stream: Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint, Update 8-3-2023


What are things Stream users should know about the Stream (Classic) transfer to Stream (on SharePoint)?


Microsoft has been replaced Stream Classic with Stream on Share Point. 

If you visit Microsoft Stream today, you will find a message in the header “Welcome to Stream on SharePoint. To visit Stream (Classic) click here.”   The Classic link is now disabled.  Your video files should appear in OneDrive in your Stream Migrated Files folder.   If you are using Stream video content in courses or on websites, please continue reading for time sensitive actions to take in response to this notice.

stream classic header

Stream (Classic)

In response to Microsoft’s initiative, YSU (Youngstown State University) migrated video content stored in Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint. Please verify that your video content in available in Stream on SharePoint by visiting your Stream account to view your recordings in their new location.  Additionally, you may find a folder in your OneDrive file storage entitled “Stream Migrated Videos.”

Hyperlinks in courses or websites to content previously stored in Classic should have been redirected to the new location with the migration; however, links must be verified as working.  

Groups and channels from Stream Classic do not carry forward into Stream on SharePoint. You may create Playlists to group related video content.

Stream On SharePoint

Please review your contents of Stream on SharePoint and your Stream Migrated Videos folder to ensure all media contents from Stream Classic has been moved.  Files which are not found in either location may be retrieved by IT.  Please submit a service request linked below to analyze and move files to a Share Point site.

New videos and Teams meeting recordings will be stored in the new Stream on SharePoint account found in your Microsoft 365 applications online.   


If you would like assistance linking your videos inside Blackboard to the new Stream on SharePoint, please contact the Instructional Design and Development Center at or call (330) 941-3244.

If you do not see a Stream Classic videos in Stream on SharePoint,  please request to transfer your files from Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint.  This request will direct IT to move your content systematically, saving you time in completing this task.

If you have questions about Microsoft Stream, One Drive, or SharePoint, please contact the IT Service Desk at (330) 941-1595 or schedule a consultation with IT Training Services.

Read more about Stream on SharePoint and Microsoft’s Roadmap for enhancing Stream on SharePoint in the future.


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