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Should students utilize Discussion Boards on Blackboard?


Discussion Boards allow students to share their ideas and input with classmates & instructors fostering open, interactive dialogue and conversations. With the use of Discussion Boards, students can collaborate, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Each Discussion Board is unique to the course and must be found by navigating to the desired course. See the details below to navigate to the discussion boards in your courses. 

Blackboard Original (Learn)

Blackboard Ultra

Blackboard Original (Learn)

1. Navigate to the view of current courses. For assistance navigating to the view of current courses, please refer to View Your Current Courses.

2. Select the desired course.

3. Click Discussions in the navigation panel to the left.

** Students can also navigate to the Discussion board by clicking Tools in the navigation panel. **

image of course home page view with Discussions & Tools highlighted in the navigation panel

Blackboard Ultra

1. Once you have entered a course that is in the Blackboard Ultra environment, navigate to the Discussions tab. Alternatively, you can navigate to the content area containing a discussion you wish to access. In the picture below, there is a Student Introductions discussion forum linked to the Week 1 content area.

Image showing how to navigate to discussions area. Click on discussions tab or navigate to the appropriate content location.

2. Once you are at the discussions screen, select the discussion in which you wish to access. If you clicked on a discussion from the content area, it will take you directly to that discussion, so you can skip down to the next step. 

Image showing the discussions area of an Ultra course. Select the discussion in which you wish to participate.

3. Upon entering a discussion, you may read and participate accordingly. When you click inside of a response box, you will see the text editor appear. You can add formatting to your text, create links, or bring in attachments. This applies whether you are responding to your Instructor's prompt or replying to a classmate. Begin building your response. Click the button that says Respond to post.

Image demonstrating the prompts to create a discussion response. Click any text box area to compose a response. Click Respond to post.


For an overview of posting to a discussion in Blackboard Ultra, including enhancing your post using the editor, see the Blackboard Ultra Discussions Video





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