Blackboard: Checking Grades


Can students check grades in Blackboard during the semester?


Keeping up with grades throughout the semester will allow students to remain in-the-know regarding performance in each course. Students can check their grades in a specific course, or have a holistic view of their academic performance in all current courses.

To see grades in all current courses:

1.Click Grades in the left panel.

image of Blackboard's global Grade screen

2.Scroll to the desired class to review recent graded assignments.

3.For a more detailed view, click the desired course.


To see student grades in a specific course, follow the previous steps & click the desired course, or:

1.Click Courses in the left panel.

images of Blackboard's navigation panel with courses highlighted

2.Click the desired course.

3.Click My Grades in the course’s navigation panel to the left.

Image of course home page view with My Grades highlighted in the navigation panel


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