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How do students view the calendar in Blackboard?


Blackboard’s Calendar enables students to keep track of upcoming assignments, events, and other due dates. Blackboard's calendar offers different views (daily or monthly) and two filter options (schedule and due dates).


Global Calendar

The Global calendar offers a holistic view of upcoming due dates of coursework.

Global calendar can be accessed by clicking Calendar found in the window’s left side panel.

image of Blackboard's navigation panel with Calendar highlighted









Course Calendar

Each Course Calendar shows due dates and events for that specific course. Instructor-created content will be updated into the Course Calendar automatically.

Each Course calendar can be accessed by:

1. Navigate to the current list of Courses by clicking Courses in the window’s left side panel.

images of Blackboard's navigation panel with courses highlighted









2. Filter Courses to “Courses I Am Taking”.

Image of Blackboard's Courses page

3. Choose the desired course.

4. Click Calendar.

Image of a Blackboard course's calendar


Create an Event

Creating an event in your Blackboard calendars allows students to track last minute assignments/extra-credit opportunities, personal meetings & appointments, and due dates not uploaded to Blackboard.

To create an Event:

1. Click the “+” button in the top right corner of the desired calendar.

thumbnail of an "add" icon

2. Fill out all required information to create the event including date, start & end times, & location.

3. Click Save.


Share your Calendar

Can students simultaneously manage the Blackboard Calendar & personal calendars in one instance? Students can manage both school work & personal commitments from one device!

To share Blackboard's Global Calendar: (these steps should be performed from a laptop or desktop computer)

1. Navigate to Global Calendar. For assistance navigating to your Global Calendar, please refer to Global Calendar.

2. Click the Calendar Settings icon in top right corner of the window.

thumbnail of settings icon

3. Click the ellipsis in the top right corners of the Settings menu.

image of Blackboard's global calendar settings screen

4. Click Share Calendar. This will generate a link to copy & paste into an external calendar (Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!).

5. Follow according to External Email Calendar

a.S haring the Global Calendar to iCal

i. Open iCal on Mac

ii. Go to File & click New Calendar Subscription.

MACbook screen with iCal open & the File menu drop down with New Calendar Subscription

iii. Paste the link from Blackboard.

iv. Click Subscribe.

`iCal window prompting the shared calendar's URL

v. Customize the Calendar by adding a name.

vi. To share among other authenticated Apple devices (iPhone, iPad), select iCloud as the location.

iCal settings windows with the location selection field highlighted

vii. Click OK to save & finish.

b. Sharing Global Calendar to Google Calendar

i. Open Google from a laptop or desktop computer.

ii. Navigate to Google Calendar.

iii. Click the + found in the window's left panel near Other Calendars.

thumbnail of the "add" icon

iv. Click From URL when the drop down menu appears.

Image of Google's Calendar screen to add a calendar

v. Open the Calendar's setting to rename it & customize the notification settings.

image of Blackboard calendar added to Google Calendar & the settings opened


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