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How do you download and use LabFind mobile app?


To download LabFind on your phone, search “LabFind” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or visit


Click Install.  You will then be prompted to "Enable Location" - you can choose to either always enable or enable only when using the application:


Next, you will enter your YSU email address:

Check your email and verify your account:



Once verified, return to the application (may need to close and reopen) and select Youngstown State University.  You will then be able to start searching for campus resources.  You can click "View All Labs" to show a list of open labs across campus:


You can click on a lab to get information regarding the number of available computers in that lab.  You can also click "Navigate" at the bottom which will provide you with directions to that location:



Additionally, you can click the "Apps" tab at the bottom right which will allow you to search for specific applications.  The search will return a list of labs that have that software installed:

For all questions/issues, please contact the Service Desk at (330) 941-1595.


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