Full-time Faculty and Staff Device Loan Agreement


What are the Terms and Conditions of the Full-time Faculty and Staff Device Loan Agreement? 


Conditions of Use

1. Laptops must be returned by the end of the agreement period or upon request by YSU staff.

2. Laptops will be deemed lost if not returned within seven (14) days of the due date.

3. No further laptop loans will be allowed while a laptop is not returned past its due date.

4. Laptops must return free of files created in the course of using the laptop.

Please read the following carefully:

1. I agree the laptop and all accessories are the property of Youngstown State University.

2. I agree not to deface or destroy this property in any way.

3. I agree to protect the equipment from theft and/or damage.

4. I agree to notify University staff immediately if the equipment is damaged, lost, or malfunctioning.

5. I understand that the University will investigate the damage to or loss of the equipment and I will cooperate in the investigation.

6. I agree to use the equipment safely and in accordance with completing YSU business. Excessive use of data on a mobile hot spot may result in metering (slowing down data speed) by the mobile carrier.

7. I agree that inappropriate material on the machine may result in an employee losing their right to use this equipment.

8. I agree I will not use the equipment for the purpose of personal profit making or for commercial activities.

9. Use of the equipment including software, email and the Internet is conditional upon compliance with all University policies, procedures and guidelines, as well as State of Ohio law.

10. I agree not to make use of, or copy, software contrary to the provisions of any agreement entered into by the University.

By submitting this form you certify that you have read the Employee Laptop and Mobile Device Agreement and agree to be bound by these conditions of use.

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