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Access Instructions For Remoting into YSU Campus Computers


**In order to utilize the YSU RDP portal, you will first need to download the Penguin Connect Client (GlobalProtect) as a remote connection into computers on Campus requires you to be connected to the YSU network.  Click here for instructions on how to download the Penguin Client Connect.  


Before launching the YSU RDP portal website, make sure that the Global Protect Client (installed using instructions above) is connected to the YSU network.


Open a web browser and navigate to  or click here.

          **If you experience any trouble loading the site, please note that Google Chrome is the recommended browser

          **If you are working on a Mac, you will first need to download the "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" app from the App Store to utilize the RDP portal.



Navigate to the lab you are looking to connect to a computer in by either clicking on the name of the lab in the left-hand menu, or by simply scrolling down the page.

To connect to a computer, click the "Connect" button to the right of any available computer listed for that lab (shown below)


Once you click the Connect button, the following dialog box will pop-up, click "Download"


Windows Instructions

Once you click download, a RDP file will download.  The download will either open automatically, or you will need to click on the download to open it (shown below)


Once the file is opened, you may receive a warning dialog, like the one shown below.  You can check the box so that it doesn't show again for that computer, or proceed by clicking "Connect"


A login box will appear.  You will need to click "More choices" and then "Use a different account" to enter your YSU username and password.  Please note that if the "Domain" (underneath password) doesn't show "YSU" as it appears in the example below, you will need to add "YSU\" to the beginning of your username (also shown below)

Once you enter your password, click "OK".  You will now be connected to that computer on campus.


Mac OS X Instructions

After clicking Connect and Download buttons in the above instructions, drag the downloaded .rdp file into the Microsoft Remote Desktop window. 

Right click on the computer you added to the list and click Connect. 
A box will then pop up to login. Enter ysu\ followed by your YSU username and password and click Continue. 

You will then be logged into the remote computer. You can also adjust connection settings, screen resolution, etc., by right clicking the computer name in Windows Remote Desktop and choose Edit. 


** You will need to sign out of the computer you have accessed by signing out from the start menu.  If you disconnect (click the "X" at the top), rather than sign-out, your session will be automatically logged off after 15 minutes. 

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