File Storage: How to Request an Increase of Network Drive Space


How do I request an increase in my network drive space?


To request additional network drive space:

  1. Make sure you have cleaned the drive for redundant or irrelevant files and data before requesting more storage.
  2. Submit a service request to the Service Desk. 
  3. The Service Desk will generate a work order to increase your drive space.
    • Note: Additional space will be allotted in an amount equal to the original allocation. For example, 1 gb drive space will be increased by 1 gb to a total of 2 gb.
  4. You can check the status of your work order in TDX under Services in the top red menu bar. 
    • Once in Services, click Ticket Requests in the gray menu bar.
    • Under Status Class, check Select All and then click Search. This will generate all work tickets you have submitted.
    • You can refine your search by checking other options under Status Class (i.e In Progress, Completed)

Permissible Uses of YSU Network Drives

Individual and shared network drive use is intended for YSU-related storage needs. To safeguard these university assets, it is important that YSU Network Drive storage space not be used for data, files, images, etc. that violate copyright, are of a purely personal nature, or would likely be considered inappropriate in an audit of YSU data storage. See attached files:

Acceptable Use of University Technology Resources (4009.01)

Sensitive Information Policy (4012.01)

Records Management Policy (9009.01)

For additional assistance, please contact the YSU Service Desk at (330) 941-1595.

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