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How can I share my form with others so that they can collaborate on the form and see the results (responses)?


There are numerous situations in which you may need to share a Microsoft Form with others. For example, you want others to contribute questions to the form. Another use case might be using Forms for event registrations and you need others in your department to see the registrations.

Please take the following steps to share a form:

1. Create a Microsoft Form.

2. After you have created your new form or selected an existing one, navigate to the menu options at the top right, signified by the 3 ellipses (dots), and click Collaborate or Duplicate.

Accessing the Collaborate or Duplicate Menu

2. On the next screen, specify whom you would like to share with under Add collaborators. 

Add Collaborators

1. You can add collaborators by name, YSU email address, or Team name (Group). Adding a Team name will share it with all members of the Team. This is useful for departmental forms. Once you have specified whom at YSU you are sharing with, they will receive notification that a form has been shared with them. In this notification will be a link to the form. They will also see the form under the Shared section of their Forms dashboard. 

2. Additionally, you can click the drop-down menu and enable it so that anyone at YSU or even a different organization with an Office 365 account can collaborate and view the results. This is not recommended unless you have a specific reason, you will most likely want to leave it as such that you are specifying whom at YSU you would like to share with.

If you have any questions or need consultation, please visit YSU IT Training Services or email

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