Williamson Hall 1171 Lighting

  1. The panel to access the lights are located at each of the three entrances to the auditorium, including the one on the second floor, and at the top of the ramp on stage left.
  2. At first, the panel will display a splash screen with the current time.


  1. You can wake it by putting your hand in front of it, activating the sensors, which will take you to the preset menu. However, if for some reason proximity has been disabled, you can simply wake it up by tapping the screen with your finger.


  1. To navigate the preset menu tap the page buttons on the bottom of the screen.
    1. Top of Page
    2. Previous Page
    3. Next Page
    4. Last Page


  1. The presets and what they do are as follows:
  • Please remember to turn off all lights (second preset) once you are done using the auditorium, thank you.
Preset # Label Description
1 All On All Lights at 100%
2 All Off All Lights at 0%
3 House @ 50% House to 50%
4 House Only Audience Only, No Stage or Projector
5 Stage Only All Stage Only
6 Proj Only Audience Off, Stage Off
7 Proj & Stage Projector & Stage
8 Proj & CS Projector & Center Stage Only
9 Proj & CS/SR Projector, Center & Stage Right
10 Proj & CS/SL Projector, Center & Stage Left
11 Proj & SR Projector & Stage Right Only
12 Proj & SL Projector & Stage Left Only
13 Center Stage Center Stage Only
14 CS & SR Center & Stage Right
15 CS & SL Center & Stage Left
16 Stage Right Stage Right Only
17 Stage Left Stage Left Only
18 Booth Only Booth Lights Only


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