Blackboard: Connecting OneDrive Account to Blackboard


How can we connect the OneDrive account to Blackboard?


Blackboard allows you to connect your OneDrive account to it, which facilitates easier methods of turning documents in if you are storing those documents in services such as OneDrive. 

Let's go over how to connect your OneDrive account to Blackboard. 

Blackboard Original (Learn)

Blackboard Ultra

Note: You will need to login using your YSU email address and password if prompted, especially the first time you access OneDrive form Blackboard. 

Blackboard Original (Learn)

  1. Navigate to the Penguin Portal ( and click on Login under Blackboard Online Student Learning
  2. Navigate to the assignment turn-in area in your course and click on it
  3. Click on "Browse Cloud Service" and click on OneDrive
  4. Click on Connect OneDrive and follow the steps displayed.
  5. Find and confirm your document and turn it in.

For a tutorial, check out this video from the YSU Blackboard "Did You Know?" Series: Using your YSU OneDrive to Submit Assignments in Blackboard Original (Learn)

Blackboard Ultra

YSU is going through a gradual transition from the old version of Blackboard, Blackboard Original (Learn), to Blackboard Ultra. Below, you will find the steps with an example to connect to your YSU OneDrive in a Blackboard Ultra course. 

  1.  Navigate to the course and location in which you need to turn in your assignment.
  2. Click on the assignment title. Note: Always carefully review information about the assignment posted by your Instructor.
    Image showing how to navigate a course and find an assignment in Blackboard Ultra.
  3. Click View assessment
    Image showing a Blackboard Ultra assignment and prompting the student to click View assessment.
  4. In the submission text box, type some information about your submission if you wish, example your name and assignment submission. Most importantly, click the add content menu, circle with the + icon, and select Cloud Service.
    Image showing how to get to OneDrive from the assignment submission dialogue box. Click the + icon and select Cloud storage.
  5. Select OneDrive.

  6. If prompted to sign in, click Connect to OneDrive, use your YSU email address and password. Note: If you have already accessed OneDrive from Blackboard, this prompt may not occur and you may be taken directly to the browse window in the next step.
    Image showing prompt to Connect to OneDrive. Click the button that says Connect to OneDrive.
  7. Once connected to your OneDrive, browse for the file in which you wish to submit. Check the box next to the file and click on the button that says Select.
  8.  Click Import to bring it into Blackboard.

    Image showing how to bring a file into Blackboard from OneDrive. Click Import to bring in the selected file.
  9. You can change the display name of the file if you wish, click Save.
    Image showing the ability to change the display name of the file. Click Save to continue.
  10. The file will now load into the assignment submission page. When you are ready, proceed with submitting the assignment by clicking Submit.
    Image showing the assignment submission preview. Click Submit to submit your assignment.


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