Microsoft Teams: Sync Your Computer with Teams File Repositories


How do I access the file repositories of my teams and channels from my computer?


You can sync team file storage locations to your computer. This helps to ensure seamless and secure collaboration and university data storage. Every team channel has a file repository. If your team only has the default general channel, everything is synced into the general folder. If you have multiple channels, you will need to follow this process for each channel. The sync feature replaces network storage and shares. The file repositories of team channels that you sync will appear in windows explorer on the left side, just like any other storage location.

Note: You must have OneDrive & Microsoft Teams installed. For assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk. Additionally, this process requires a stable Internet connection.


1. Access Microsoft Teams on your computer.

2. Click on the team corresponding to the storage location you wish to sync.

3. Navigate to a channel and select the Files tab. All teams have a general channel, additional channels may be visible depending on the team structure.

Image showing how to access a teams channel file repository

4. Click Sync.

Image showing sync button location on menu bar.

5. You will receive the following message. Click Close.
Image showing sync confirmation from teams.

Additionally, you should see the following pop-up message from OneDrive:

Image showing sync confirmation from OneDrive.

Accessing Synced Team Channel File Locations

1. Click the folder icon on your taskbar.

Image showing how to access file explorer.

2. On the left side, click Youngstown State University.

Image showing file explorer structure containing synced file locations.

The list of folders in which you synced will be listed here. Note that the folders are created with the team name – the channel name. You can also see the sync status and traditional file/folder information such as date modified.

Alternatively, you can just click the drop-down arrow next to Youngstown State University to show the hierarchy of corresponding folders and their subfolders (if applicable).

Image showing navigation of storage locations.

Video Companion:

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Syncing Your Computer with Microsoft Teams Channels File Repositories

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