Microsoft Teams: Creating a Departmental or Project Team


How do I create a team for departmental or project use?


Whether you are creating a team for your department or a project, Microsoft Teams serves as a central point of meeting, file storage, and collaboration. Let’s get started! Follow the steps below:

  1. Access Microsoft Teams on your computer. Note: If you do not have Teams installed, please contact the IT Service desk.
  2. Click the Teams button on the left side navigation menu.
    Image showing location of teams button on left side navigation menu.

  3. Once on the screen showing the teams that you belong to, click Join or create a team at the top right.
    Image showing where to click to Join or create a team.
  4. On the next screen, click Create Team.
    Image showing button to click to begin building a team.

  5. Select the team type. In the case of a departmental or project team, Staff is the recommended type.
    Image showing team types

  6. Specify the details of the Team. The default setting is that the membership is private and that the team owner(s) can add members. Alternatively, you can make it public so that anyone in the organization can search for the team and join, this not recommended for department teams. Click Next to continue.
    Image showing team parameter settings

  7. On the next screen, you can add members or choose to add members at a later time by pressing the skip button.
    Image showing how to add members to the team
  8. After going through the previous step of adding team members or choosing to skip and add later, your newly created team should now appear.
    Image showing a newly created team.

    To go back to the screen to access all of your teams, click the back arrow < next to All teams at the top left.

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Microsoft Teams: Creating a Departmental or Project Team

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