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Cognella F.A.Q.

Q. What is Cognella?

A. Cognella is an academic publishing company specializing in instructor-driven, student-centric learning materials for higher education. Cognella publishes anthologies, original works, custom course materials, and interactive online learning activities that support learning objectives and provide students with authentic educational experiences.

Q. What courses can integrate with Cognella?

A. All YSU Blackboard courses, Original and Ultra, are able to integrate with Cognella. 

Q. As an instructor, how do I setup Cognella in my course?

A. The first steps are to search the Title Catalog for an existing textbook and resources you would like to purchase and integrate. In order to make purchases, you will need to Create an Account. They also have different ways instructors can integrate in collaboration with the company

Once a title has been picked out, there is a process for requesting and purchasing the materials. Each title has a step by step work flow to follow. 

YSU Blackboard has an LTI already configured for individual links in courses. Details for setup are provided by the publisher. 

Q. Is there a status webpage to check if Cognella is experiencing issues?

A. provides information about the status of the Cognella webpage. 

Q. What steps should be taken to report or fix an issue with Cognella?

A. The Student FAQ page which outlines common issues with ordering and simple access issues.
There is an online contact form which can be used to get additional assistance.
They also provide a number to talk with a Support Team member at 858-800-2675. 

Q. What documentation and training materials are available for Cognella?

A. The Student FAQ page provides some general information and provides resources to common questions and issues. 
For instructors, the main site provides an author resources section which has a variety of materials. 

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