Blackboard: McGraw-Hill Connect, ALEKS, SIMnet LTI Advantage

McGraw-Hill Connect, ALEKS and SIMnet LTI Advantage F.A.Q.

Q. What are the McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage integrations?

A. McGraw-Hill has 3 different integrations as part of their suite of LMS tools. 

  • McGraw-Hill Connect consists of course management tools for managing content, assignments, tests (with option for Proctorio remote proctoring), grading, ebooks, student performance and analysis reporting. 
  • McGraw-Hill ALEKS is a course assistant that helps Math and Chemistry instructors through the use of learning paths, modules and assignments. 
  • McGraw-Hill SIMnet is a digital platform that teaches and assess skills in Microsoft Access, Excel, Powerpoint and Word. It also covers file management and operating systems, enabling student career readiness and employability. 

Q. What courses can integrate with McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage?

A. All YSU Blackboard courses are able to integrate with McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage tools. You can browse through a list of disciplines for Higher Ed.
McGraw-Hill ALEKS is designed specifically for Mathematics and Chemistry disciplines.
McGraw-Hill SIMnet is designed specifically for skill assessment in Microsoft Office products. 

Q. As an instructor, how do I setup McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage in my course?

A. One of the first steps is to work with a McGraw-Hill sales representative to go over the courses available and purchase materials. Contact a sales representative through the link by entering the State and University.

Once purchased and the materials are ready for use, they will need to be linked to McGraw-Hill by adding the LTI Placement in your Blackboard course. The McGraw-Hill Instructor Support Page will walk you through general information for the different integrations and provide step by step instructions for setup. YSU Blackboard administrators have already configured our Blackboard Production instance with the McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage tools. 

The following links are for specific integrations: 

YSU Bb original McGraw LTI Advantage Instructor Integrations Guide.pdf - Download from right side menu attachments. 
Video: How to link McGraw-Hill Connect LTI Advantage to a Blackboard Original course

YSU Bb ultra McGraw LTI Advantage Instructor Integration Guide.pdf - Download from right side menu attachments. 
Video: How to link McGraw-Hill Connect LTI Advantage to a Blackboard Ultra course

If you need additional support internal to YSU, you can contact the Cyberlearning Department and setup a meeting with one of our Instructional Designers. 

Q. Is there a status webpage to check if McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage is experiencing issues?

A. provides information regarding any scheduled or unscheduled outages with McGraw-Hill and their integrations. 

Q. What steps should be taken to report or fix an issue with McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage, ALEKS or SIMnet?

A. For Instructor Assistance or Student Assistance from McGraw-Hill technical support, go to the McGraw-Hill Higher Ed Support Page.

To walk-through issues specific to McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage, go to the LTI Advantage FAQ

For internal support at YSU, contact the YSU Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or enter a ticket through the YSU Technology Service Portal. Tickets will be reviewed by the Service Desk and assigned to the appropriate department who can assist with issues. 

Q. What documentation and training materials are available for McGraw-Hill LTI Advantage, ALEKS and SIMnet?

A. For Instructor documentation and training materials from McGraw-Hill, go to the McGraw-Hill Instructor Support Page.

For Student documentation and training documents from McGraw-Hill, go to the McGraw-Hill Student Support Page.

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