Stream: Add a Quiz to Your Stream Recording


How to add a quiz to the Stream recording?


Give students more interactive elements in their video learning resources by adding forms or quizzes to your recorded class meetings from Microsoft Teams, live events, and uploaded videos. 

Get your form or quiz in Forms

  1. Create form > share > copy link

Copy link to Form from the Share tab in Forms

Find your video in Stream 

  1. In the Interactivity tab, select +Add Form.

  2. Paste in the link you copied from Forms.

Select Add Form in a video's Interactivity tab

Add your link 

  1. Paste in the link you copied from Forms and give your form or quiz a name.

  2. You get to choose exactly when in the video your viewers see the form or quiz. Use the timeline slider on the video to choose the time. The time you choose will be reflected under Position on timeline.  ​​

Add link to Form and select time in video to insert it

Watch a video


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