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What is a What-if Analysis and how does this work?


 What is a What-if Analysis?

A What-if Analysis in Penguin PASS allows students to explore degree requirements for a different major, concentration, minor or course to see how their coursework would be applied to or affected by the new program.

  • What-if analyses will show what coursework is required for the new major, minor, or concentration, what requirements have already been satisfied, and what requirements are still outstanding.
  • Performing a what-if analysis can help students make an informed decision about whether changing their major/ minor/concentration is the best choice.
  • What-if Analysis does not change your major.  In order to change or declare a major, the student must fill out a form from the department of the desired major. The approved form will be forwarded to the Office of Records.
  • Students who need help selecting a major should consult with an academic advisor, the academic department, or the Office of Career and Academic Advisement at (330) 941-3515 for assistance with academic and career planning.

Complete a What-if Analysis

Students and advisors can perform a What-if analysis in Penguin PASS by following these steps:

  1. Click on What If under the student data box on the Worksheet.

  1. Choose the desired Program, Areas of study (major, minor, concentration), etc. The Program determines which Level, Degree, and College automatically pre-populates the remaining fields. Choose a Program first. 

NOTE: The catalog year should be the year of the planned change. A Program must be selected before choosing a Major in the What-if Analysis.


What -if  Analysis BS in Computer Science


In the example above, the Program BS in Computer Science pre-populated the Level, Degree, College, Major, and Concentration which are locked from editing by the grade shading in the field.

NOTE:  You must select a Program first, to select a Minor in the Areas of study section.  Do NOT choose Minor under Program.

Additional areas of study are where you may add a second Major, Minor or Concentration.


Future classes segment of the What-if Analysis allows you to plan courses into your schedule to see your progress towards degree completion.  You must know the course subject abbreviation and code. For example using ART 5881, ART is the subject and 5881 is the course code.

  1. Click Process to run the What If Analysis or Reset to add different variables.

  1. A What if Analysis worksheet indicating where you could stand in the Program, Major, Minor, etc. will display.

  1. Save audit worksheet for future reference or Delete the audit worksheet.
    1. Save requires you name the audit.   Add a short description in the Description field.

  1. Print to PDF to save the worksheet on your computer outside of Penguin PASS.

Video Tour

NOTE:  You must select a Program first, to select a Minor in the Areas of study section.  Do NOT choose Minor under Program.

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