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What is Penguin PASS and how do I navigate it?


Penguin Planning for Academic Student Success (Penguin PASS)

Penguin PASS is a system designed to help students, advisors and other appropriate parties understand the academic progress and requirements for students in any program of study.  Penguin PASS produces an audit of students’ completed work, requirements and in progress courses based on the declared major, minor and/or program and catalog year.  Reports from this system are developed from the YSU Course Catalog.

Penguin PASS is not an official transcript or a replacement for academic advisement.

Penguin PASS provides Youngstown State University students and advisors a visual checklist of courses and objectives required for graduation, including major requirements, major electives, capstone, as well as each general education curriculum (Gen Ed.) requirement.

Penguin PASS is accessible to currently enrolled degree-seeking students, faculty advisors or staff advisors who have been assigned an advisor role in Banner.

Benefits of Using Penguin PASS

  • Assists with planning the requirements that are needed to complete a degree.
  • Displays which courses have been taken or transferred, and which ones count as electives.
  • Lists transfer credits, waivers, and exemptions applied toward degree.
  • Analyzes how coursework can be applied toward another major, minor, certificate or major concentration using the ‘What If’ option.
  • Explains the pre-requisites for courses when the course number is selected.

View the Guide

See the Advisor Instruction Guide for Penguin PASS.


If you have questions about the Worksheet results, curriculum or a student reports an issue beyond your knowledge, please email for assistance. 

For technical assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at (330) 941-1595 or email


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