How to Request Multiple Short-Term Guest Accounts


How do I request multiple short-term guest user accounts? 


In the event a YSU employee needs multiple short-term guest user accounts, please complete the Request for Multiple Short-Term Guest Account Service Request.

For example, a faculty member is hosting a learning session at YSU in a YSU computer lab for two (2) days and participants need to log onto a computer during the event. This procedure should not be used for individuals requiring access longer than five (5) consecutive days. No request should be made the same day as needed.

The following are terms used in this article:

  • Short-term: A time lasting less than five (5) days

  • YSU Employee: Someone employed by Youngstown State University

  • YSU Guest: Someone who does not have a YSU login account for gaining access to computers or resources

  • Business Days: Monday – Friday

  • Requestor: The individual requesting short-term guest user accounts. This could be faculty or staff. Students cannot request guest accounts. The requestor is responsible for ensuring individuals adhere to the following:

Use of these accounts is to be consistent with University Policy 4009.01 and Ohio Revised Code 2913. Your request indicates that use of these accounts will comply with all policies and laws governing the confidentiality of student and employee data. Violations, including improper use of system resources, will result in legal and/or disciplinary action. You are solely responsible for activity on these accounts. The sharing of User IDs and passwords is prohibited and is not considered proper authorization for use. Account activity is monitored.

Begin a new IT General Request. You will be prompted to fill in the following fields:

  1. Requestor: This is the individual making the request for multiple accounts.

  2. Department: This should auto-populate.

  3. Title: This is Multiple Non-Patron Guest Account Request.

  4. Building: This is where the guests will be located.

  5. Description of the event 

    • How many accounts are needed?

    • How many accounts will be used at the same time?

    • What are the dates of the event?

    • Will participants be under the age of 18?

    • Will additional software need installed?

  6. Attachments: Please include any associated attachments or original request email if request was made via email.

  7. Due Date: Set the due date to two (2) business days prior to the event the requested accounts will be used for.  If the due date is less than two (2) days, set it for the next business day. Note: No request should be for the same day.

If you need additional assistance, contact the YSU Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or at

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