* ITS Learning Technology Game Plan


Information Services Learning Technology Game Plan

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, including our campus family of students, faculty, and staff. Information Technology Services wanted to reach out and update you on our current plan to support remote learning. 

Current Focus: Being that ITS Resources are limited, our primary focus will be continuity of teaching mission. This means getting faculty and students the equipment, access, content, and information they need to be operational for start of online classes on March 23rd.  

We are Ensuring Up-time of ITS Applications/Services for Campus Community 

  • Equipped staff with ability to monitor systems remotely 

  • ITS has created primary/secondary support lists for all IT functions in case of needed staff absence

  • The IT Service Desk has implemented extended hours (8 am-10 pm seven days per week) as well as tools to help diagnose issues remotely on devices.   

Technology Needs for Remote Teaching/Work:  At the most basic level, the need for a computing device (personal computer, desktop, laptop, tablet) with which you can connect to campus and Internet/Wi-Fi access to make that connection. Faculty members may also have need for items such as webcams/headset. Information Technology Services (ITS) is making loaner equipment available as our inventory will allow. Four hundred (400) laptops along with a lesser number of headsets, webcams and mobile hotspots will initially be available to facilitate online learning.  

  • Students: Many phone/cable/ISP carriers are offering free wireless internet to new student customers in a pledge to keep everyone connected. If you cannot connect to internet, please pursue this option first as to save resources for rest of campus.

  • An appointment-based "drive-up" process is being coordinated to limit physical contact as much as possible . Online reservations are necessary. If you have not filled out a technology needs survey and do not have what you need to teach, learn, or work remotely, please complete the appropriate survey as soon as possible: Faculty Equipment Assessment / Student Device Survey / Staff Equipment Assessment.  Survey respondents will be contacted by the IT Service Desk beginning this weekend to arrange an appointment for pickup. 


  • Secure Connection (VPN): Those users whose work may require a secure connection to the University (such as Banner Admin Pages users) can utilize our new VPN software called “Penguin Connect”.  Instructions on downloading the software and how to utilize can be found at: Penguin Connect VPN  

    • Note: Installation of the software requires you to have admin privileges to your device.  If you have a YSU provided device and don’t have admin privileges, please contact the Tech Desk, who will perform the install for you.  

  • Remote Desktop Connection (RDC): For some specialized areas within the university, RDC may be needed so a user will have same look and feel as if they were on their campus desktop. Places where this is determined needed will also need to have the new VPN client installed on their device (see secured connection above) 

  • Access to the YSU network from off campus by either using VPN software, or VPN along with Remote Desktop Connection software. 

  • If you have a YSU owned laptop, using VPN software provides you access as though you are physically in your office, such as access to Banner Admin and your department share drives. See How to Use the Penguin Connect VPN ​​​​
  • If you have only your personal laptop or desktop, using VPN along with Remote Desktop Connection software provides you access as though you are physically in your office, such as access to Banner Admin and your department share drives. Using just VPN with your home laptop or desktop does not provide the ability to access your department share drives. See How to Remotely Access Your YSU PC From Off Campus 

Access to Applications 

  • Many of the commonly used applications only require users to be able to access a web browser. This is the case for applications such as Office 365 email, Blackboard, and Penguin Portal launched applications such as SSB Banner.   

  • IT Services and technology vendor partners have been tirelessly collaborating to create an application virtualization portfolio to replace access to specialized computer lab software. Our virtual environment is not expected to be ready for use until Monday, March 23rd at 8 am.  In preparation for remote learning, please review the two virtual offerings: General VM Software / Engineering VM Software. Details regarding how to access this virtual environment will be forthcoming. If the software used in your specific course is not presented in either of these virtual environments, faculty should submit an IT Service Request. In addition, many application vendors are offering their software for free through the end of May/June. See these free vendor offerings. We would ask faculty to check this list before requesting virtual applications. 

How to Work Remote guides from ITS based upon University role:




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