Adobe Software: Fixing Adobe Apps showing 7 Day Trial


How to Fix Adobe Apps showing 7 Day Trial



I have access to Adobe Creative Cloud on my personal computer because I am in a specific course that provides me a license. When I log into the Adobe Software, it states I have a 7 day trial. How do I get full access to the software?


This only applies to YSU students who are enrolled in a specific course that provides an Adobe Personal Use License. All other students who would like to access Adobe Creative Cloud software are required to use it in a YSU computer lab or designated YSU owned computer with the correct license installed. 

  1. Log out of all Adobe Creative Cloud Apps and website. 
  2. Log out of all YSU webpages and Blackboard. 
  3. Open Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer or go to in a web browser. 
  4. At the login screen, enter your YSU Penguin Portal email address and click Continue
  5. At the Select an Account screen, choose Company or School Account.
    NOTE: Personal Account used to provide access but no longer does for YSU access, Personal Account will provide no access and cause the trial message to show unless you are paying for a personal account privately.
  6. Login with your YSU Penguin Portal Username and Password. 

If you do not have access or never got an email but should have, please inform your instructor and enter a Service Request.
YSU IT Customer Services will work with you and the instructor to resolve the issue. 



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