Webex Classroom: Dial into a Zoom Meeting


This article explains how to dial into a Zoom meeting from a Webex equipped room.



How do I call a Zoom meeting in a Webex equipped room?

  1. In order to join a Zoom meeting from a Cisco Webex device, you will have to see if your meeting is compatible with Webex.
  2. Check your Zoom meeting invite to see if it has a Meeting ID number (this is usually farther down on the invite page under the H.323/SIP room system section).
  3. Your meeting number will have 9 digits.
  4. On the touch panel in the room, click the green Call button from the main screen.
  5. After that, type in your 9-digit Zoom meeting ID followed by @zoomcrc.com.
    • Example: 123456789@zoomcrc.com
  6. You should be joined into your Zoom meeting successfully now. You might be in the lobby waiting for the host to start the meeting.
  7. If you see the following screen, the user may not have a paid license to allow the Webex device to call in.
  8. You can go to https://zoom.us/meeting/rooms in your web browser and type in your meeting ID and pairing code shown on the screen.
  9. You might receive an error that the user does not have subscription for this service, if you receive this error, you will have to send them a Webex invite in order to have the meeting in the Webex room.



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