How to use the Technology Support Portal


Learn more about the technology support portal, a self-help platform for users to find frequently asked questions, knowledge base articles, and submits service requests.



What is the Technology Support Portal?


The Technology Support Portal is YSU's self-help platform for users to find answers to frequently asked questions, review knowledge base articles, and submit service requests.


Table of Contents

  1. Navigate and Signing In
  2. Tour of the Home Page
  3. Searching the Support Portal
  4. Making a Service Request
  5. Giving Feedback

Navigation and Signing In

  1. Navigate directly to the Technology Support Portal
  • You can also access it from the Penguin Portal. Select the Technology Support link in the e-Services for Students menu.


  1. In order to sign in, go to the top right corner of the page and click Sign In.

  • If you are already signed in, you will see your name in there instead.
  • You will need to be signed in in order to leave feedback on articles.



Tour of the Home Page

  • Contact the IT Service Desk
    • Submit a Ticket will take you to the services page. Go to Making a Service Request for more information on how to submit a ticket.
    • Contact Information
      • Listed is the service desk’s phone number, email address, and location.
      • As well as an emergency hotline for urgent classroom issues.
  • Student Resources is where you can find where Labs and Printers are located.
  • Department Requests (Quick Links) is where, instead of going through services, you can find direct links for IT Consultations, Project Requests, and Moves or Renovations.
  • Faculty Resources & Information
    • Here is another direct link for a technology consultation.
    • As well as a few quick links to Classroom Help related knowledge base articles.
  • IT Training
    • The first link takes you to the IT Training Services Homepage, where you can:
      • Register for a Workshop
      • Request a Consultation
      • Explore other IT Training Resources
    • New and Featured Workshops is where you can easily register for IT Training Workshops.
    • Training Schedule
      • Course Calendar
      • Course Listings
  • My Dashboard
    • My Ticket Requests
      • Here you can view any tickets you’ve requested or received.
      • As well as your most recently viewed services.
      • There is also an alphabetical list of all available services.
    • My Active Projects
      • Here are any projects you are assigned to, and their percentage completed.
      • You can also view your active projects by going to the projects tab on the top ribbon.

  • My Approvals
    • Here you can view at tickets that are pending or have been approved.
    • You can also get these from the services tab and then the second ribbon.


Search the Technology Support Portal

  1. The search bar is located to left of your profile, where you signed in.
  • There is also a search bar located at the top of the home page.



  1. To the left of the search bar, there is a drop down menu to filter between All, Knowledge Base articles, or Services.


Making a Service Request

  1. Go to the services tab either from the home page or the ribbon at the top.
  2. Select the category based on nature of the service you require.
  • General IT help or consultations can be found at the bottom, not under a specific category.
  1. Once you’ve gone through the categories or searched and found your correct service, there will be a red button the right of the page labeled “Request Service.”

  • Depending on the ticket it may be labeled as "Info" or "Help" instead of "Service"
  • Then you can fill out the service request, giving relevant information, and finally submitting it.


Giving Feedback

  1. At the bottom of a knowledge base article there is a section asking whether or not the article was helpful. This way we can know if the article is still accurate or if anything needs to be changed to make it clearer. It is important to sign in before leaving feedback so that we know who left the feedback; if you do not sign in beforehand your comment will just be attributed to "Public User" instead of your name.

  1. It’ll then ask you to leave feedback on the article.




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