Webex Education Connector: Start a Meeting


Start your virtual meeting for your Blackboard course using the Webex Education Connector tool.



How can I start a meeting from the Education Connector?


Meetings configured in the Education Connector can be started from the Webex LTI tool in the Blackboard course.


To start a meeting:

  1. Navigate to Blackboard. Use your YSU credentials to log in.

YSU's blackboard home page that prompts users to log in


  1. Select Courses.

Blackboard YSU institutional page with the courses option highlighted in left navigation pane


  1. Select the desired course.


  1. Select the Webex folder configured for the Education Connector.

Blackboard Ultra course home page with the Webex Test folder highlighted


  1. The Education Connector window will appear. Ensure you are in the Meetings tab.
  2. Each meeting created during the set up of the Education Connector will be dated. Select Start for today's meeting.

Education connector ribbon with the Virtual meetings tab highlighted

  1. A new web browser tab should appear. In the prompt, select Open Webex.

New browser tab with a prompt asking to open meeting in Webex. Open Webex is highlighted.


  1. A Webex window will open to begin your meeting. Ensure your audio and camera settings are configured to your satisfaction. Select Start Meeting.

Webex window before the start of the meeting


  1. Your Webex meeting will start.

For instructions on how to start a meeting from the Education Connector while inside a Webex classroom, please see Webex Classroom: Present from the Webex Education Connector in Blackboard.


Students can join the meeting by using the Webex folder created in your Blackboard course. For more information on ow student will use the Education Connector, see Blackboard: Using the Education Connector.



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