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FAQ regarding McGraw-Hill GO


McGraw-Hill GO F.A.Q.

Q. What is McGraw-Hill Go?

A. McGraw Hill GO is an easy-to-use and quick to set up eBook+ that lives within your LMS. GO makes it easier to keep up with progress and direct attention where it matters.

Q. What courses can integrate with McGraw-Hill Go?

A. All YSU Blackboard courses are able to integrate with McGraw-Hill Go. You can use the Find your fit - McGraw-Hill GO webpage for a list of disciplines that will integrate. 

Q. As an instructor, how do I setup McGraw-Hill Go in my course?

A. You can follow an interactive walk-through on the McGraw-Hill GO / Blackboard Self-guided Tour webpage. There is an initial sign up form that is required in order to access the guide. 

Q. Is there a status webpage to check if McGraw-Hill Go is experiencing issues?

A. provides information regarding any scheduled or unscheduled outages with McGraw-Hill and their integrations. 

Q. What steps should be taken to report or fix an issue with McGraw-Hill Go?

A. McGraw-Hill Support FAQ page offers links to help resources and contact information for assistance. McGraw-Hill GO is a newer product and there are not as many built in specific articles and guides for instructors and students at this time. 

Q. What documentation and training materials are available for McGraw-Hill Go?

A. McGraw-Hill GO Blackboard Instructor Guide.pdf - Download from right side menu attachments. 
McGraw-Hill GO Blackboard Student Guide.pdf - Download from right side menu attachments. 



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