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Top Hat integration F.A.Q


Top Hat F.A.Q.

Q. What is Top Hat?

A. Top Hat is a dynamic courseware platform that empowers educators to give students personalized, relevant, and equitable learning. It consists of Content Pages, Interactive Response Tools and Customizable Textbooks. 

Q. What courses can integrate with Top Hat?

A. All YSU Blackboard courses are able to integrate with Top Hat. Top Hat has a course catalog with search functions

Q. As an instructor, how do I setup Top Hat in my course?

A. One of the first steps is to work with a Top Hat sales representative to go over the courses available and purchase materials. There is a cost for both the instructor and student for use of these courses and materials. 

Q. Is there a status webpage to check if Top Hat is experiencing issues?

A. There is not a dedicated status page for Top Hat. Scheduled outages are posted on their Support Site

Q. What steps should be taken to report or fix an issue with Top Hat?

A. A ticket can be entered at the following webpage - Support Ticket

Q. What documentation and training materials are available for Top Hat?

A. For Instructors, how to connect a course to the Top Hat LTI 1.3
Instructors can work through a Knowledge Base for other articles and how-to guides. 

For Students, how to join a Top Hat Course and Link your account
Students can work through a Knowledge Base for other articles and how-to guides. 



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