Banner Self Service: Acknowledging Assignment Agreements


Learn how to review and acknowledge the assignment contract for the upcoming term using Banner 9's Employee Profile.



How can faculty review instructional and non-instructional assignments applied through Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC)?


All faculty with assignments applied through FLAC should review and acknowledge assignment agreements using Banner 9’s Employee Profile as prompted via email.


Table of Contents

Review and Acknowledge Assignments

Instructional Video


Review and Acknowledge Assignments

To review and acknowledge assignments:

  1. After receiving a prompt via email, navigate to the Employee Dashboard. For more information on how to navigate to the Employee Dashboard, refer to Banner Self Service: Employee Profile


  1. Select Faculty Load and Compensation

My activities section of the employee dashboard with the "faculty load and compensation" option highlighted


  1. Select Compensation and Acknowledgement

faculty load and compensation options menu with the " compensation and acknowledgement"  button highlighted


  1. Ensure the desired term is listed in the Term* field. Select Go


  1. All applied faculty assignments for the term will appear. Review the details for each assignment.  

  1. Workload, Head Count, and Compensation 

  2. Part-of-Term (select the Note icon in the Subject and Course field) 

compensation and acknowledgment page with the note icon in the subject and course column   highlighted

  1. Pay Schedule for each Part-of-Term (select the assignment's Agreement Notes icon)

compensation and acknowledgment page with the contract note icon highlighted


  1. Check the Faculty Acknowledgment check box to acknowledge an assignment. If the faculty member has questions/concerns about an assignment, please reach out to the Department Chair before acknowledging the assignment. 

Note: The Head Count displayed is from when the assignment was extracted by the Office of Academic Affairs and may differ from the number of registered students. Unless the head count difference affects the faculty's rate of compensation, faculty do not need to alert administrative staff of this difference. 

faculty assignment acknowledgment page with the "faculty acknowledgement" check box highlighted


  1. Select Acknowledge Selected Positions.

faculty assignment acknowledgment page with the "acknowledge selected positions" button highlighted

Note: Comments entered into the Comments field may not be forwarded to your Department Chair. For any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact your Department Chair via email, phone, or an approved contact method specified by your department.


Acknowledged assignments will appear on the Compensation and Acknowledgement page with the Faculty Acknowledgment check box greyed out and the Acknowledgment Date will be auto filled.

faculty compensation and acknowledgement page showing an acknowledged assignment.


Instructional Video

Watch a video tutorial on how to review and acknowledge Assignment Agreements.



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