Zoom: Downloading Recordings from the Cloud


This article provides direction on how to download your Zoom Cloud recordings.



How do I download my recordings from Zoom's cloud storage and where do I store them?


As Zoom will no longer be a university wide licensed product after August 15th, you will need to download and store any recordings you wish to keep.  We suggest that you store them either on OneDrive or upload them to Microsoft Stream.  Either of these places will allow you to link the recordings to your Blackboard courses. 

When you download the files from Zoom, you will download two files.  One will be an mp4 (video file) and the other will be a text transcript of the recording.  Please follow the steps below to download your recordings.  

Download Recordings

  1.     Navigate to ysu-edu.zoom.us in your Google Chrome or Firefox browser and sign in.
  2.     Click Recordings in the left column on the profile page.
  3.     Click Export on the far right of the page and save a CSV file that lists the titles of your recordings to your OneDrive.  
  4.     Click the ellipse(s) to the far right of the title of the video you are downloading.
  5.     Select to download 2 files (mp4 file and text file).
  6.     Save to OneDrive or save and then upload to Microsoft Stream. Please note that when you save the file, you will want to change the title of the file to match the title        of the original meeting title. Refer to your exported title list.

If you need additional assistance with this process, please contact the IT Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or email servicedesk@ysu.edu.





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