Blackboard: Accessing Blackboard


Let’s review the different ways to log into Blackboard.



How can students access Blackboard?


Blackboard allows students to view current available courses, turn in assignments, take quizzes/tests, and interact with fellow students and instructors! Blackboard gives students access to view their grades, participate in discussion boards, and message instructors with questions/feedback!

Let’s review the different ways to log into Blackboard.


Penguin Portal

1. Navigate to the Penguin Portal (

2. From the Penguin Portal, log into Blackboard by clicking Login located on the “Blackboard Online Student Learning” tile.









3. A redirection to YSU's Blackboard learn page will occur. Click YSU Account Login. Use your YSU credentials (YSU student email & password).

YSU Blackboard

1. Navigate to YSU’s Blackboard website using the direct link:

2. Click YSU Account Login. Use the correct YSU credentials (YSU student email & password).

Blackboard Mobile App

Download the Blackboard Mobile Learn App on your smart phone for a mobile and convenient way to stay connected and up-to-date with your courses.

1. **Check to ensure the intended smart phone meets the minimum requirements to download Blackboard Mobile Learn**

2. Navigate to the smart phone's app Store.

a. For Apple devices, navigate to the App Store.

b. For Android Devices, navigate to Google Play.

3. Search for Blackboard.

4. Install the Blackboard Learn App on the device.

5. Open the Blackboard Learn App after installation completes.

6. Search for Youngstown State University.

7. Use the correct YSU credentials (YSU student email & password) to log in.

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